Are You Summer Body Ready?

The summer is the time of the year when the clothes get skimpier and the beaches get fuller. It is also the time of the year for the great reveal of the Summer Body after months and months of dieting, working out and all sorts of pressure to have the “Perfect Body”.

What really is the perfect body or rather this summer body though?? I can share with you what it is to me and maybe you can all share what it means to you. After all I could be dead ass wrong  .

I know many will say I’m just making excuses for the fact that I am a BIG GIRL but to me the perfect summer body is the healthy one. The person that is happy in the skin they’re in, that can accept their body in the size and shape that it is and who can boldly flaunt what they have be it slim, thick or fat, is the person that has achieved the perfect summer body.

Too often I have been to the beach and seen men attempting to cover their bodies with t-shirts with their  swim trunks, or women both slim and big hiding their figures under shirts or walking the beach wrapped up in dresses or towels. This tells me that these are persons that have insecurities about their bodies and fear revealing it to the greater public.

I weigh over 200lbs and for the most part I rock a 2 piece when I go to the beach and I’m always all too happy to slip out my beach dress and lay around in my swimsuit. Although it took some time, I love the skin I’m in. I’m appreciative of every curve, every fold and every flaw because end of the day I’m healthy and a healthy body should always be the end goal.

So I have the perfect 2018 Summer Body and I will be flaunting it, muffin top and all.

For this summer I want you all to do the same #DropTheTowels, slip into a swimsuit/swim trunks and enjoy life if for no other reason than, you have it. The best part?? If you don’t have a suit that your comfortable in REAL CURVES will hook you up this summer 😊.

Don’t ever let societal standards lead you to feel less than, as long as your healthy, embrace your body, dress it well and flaunt what you have, knowing that you are blessed with the healthy summer body.


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