Big Girls are Killing It!

Great things are happening in the world of the Big Girl. Overnight curves have taken over in media, music and pop culture and our big girls have found their place in the world. And we are killing it!

For a long time the big girl was portrayed as an outcast, socially, in fashion and even in dating.  We were always depicted as the low self-esteem-having  friend, seeking approval from a world that told us we didn’t quite fit in. Style trends were never “for us” and so we were made to wear the scraps.

Then almost overnight a shift happened, the world embraced body positivity. We started hearing  things  like “every “body” is beautiful.” The rest of the world finally got the message we’d been yelling .  Big girls are everywhere,DEAL WITH IT, EMBRACE IT, and FLAUNT IT. Now, we’re on the runways, in the board rooms, and on tv. You name it, Big Girls do it –  and we’re looking damn fabulous too.

With this movement, the fashion industry finally takes into consideration the fact that curves were not made to be hidden under large amounts of boring black fabric.  Big Girls started embracing their bodies and gaining nuclear levels of confidence, wearing bold prints, showing skin, accentuating curves while elevating their style and chic-ness. With that, we also started demanding more inclusion from top designers while proudly  giving the middle finger to society and their views… And you know what happened?? We became a fashion force to be reckoned with…

So for my Big Girls reading this who may still be feeling any form of insecurity because of her weight or shape, I’m encouraging you to put the insecurities aside and yes,  It’s often that simple. It’s a choice we make, to either sit and feel sorry for ourselves and  dwell on the things we see as imperfections or embrace our bodies body as is. Buy the sexy dress, wear the heels, put on the bikini – find the styles that make you look and feel like your best self and strut your stuff on your own personal runway.

Until next time: Stay fab & View our Real Women’s Collection

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