Foundation Garments


It’s a new year and everyone is off to that fresh start and feeling overly optimistic about the resolutions they have for 2019. Many of us have big plans of being all new people with fresh new outlooks on life. Some have even spent time assessing their circle and cutting people out of their lives that no longer serve them on their journey. I have a question though; how many of have taken the time to throw out our underwear that no longer mean us any good??

Good undergarment is to fashion what a good foundation is to any building structure. So often we spend our energies on finding the right outfit while neglecting what will hold us together in it. Truth is the wrong undergarment can have the most amazing outfit looking drabbed.

Whereas choosing the right undergarment applies whether your plus size or not, its painfully more obvious at times when us bigger ladies select the wrong or ill-fitting foundation garments. Luckily making the right decision is fairly simple.

  1. Know your bra size. Buy bra’s that both fit and provide you with adequate support. A bra cup that is too small gives spillage not cleavage and a too small band squeezes into our backs causing discomfort and additional curves which aren’t as flattering. A good fitting bra will lift your figure, make you look great and also help avoid back aches.
  2. Ensure Sufficient Coverage from underwear. Just because it can be worn does not necessarily mean it fits. Underwear that’s too small is not underwear you should buy. For us bigger ladies too small underwear leads to our bellies hanging over uncomfortably or leaves us with chafing due to squeezing.
  3. Don’t be afraid to tuck in. For those of us that enjoy wearing more fitted styles, a thong or everyday brief may not do the fit any justice. To lose a bit of girth around your hips and thighs, wear low-legged, high-waist underwear in a firm, supportive cotton.

Never Forget: The choice of underwear can make or a break an outfit.

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