March Juicing Madness

I’ve never really been big on the practice of giving up something for the season of Lent. I’ve thought about it but never actually done it because I couldn’t ever commit to giving up anything. For Lent last year, my dad did 40 days of juicing and as much as I thought he was crazy for it I couldn’t deny the results he saw. As for me, i’ve done as much as 5 days of juicing on my own and also can’t deny the positive effects that it had on me and my body.

For 2020 i’ve promised myself quite a few things, and taking care of my body is one of the top promises. Having seen the effects that short term juicing/detox has had not just on my body but also on my mind and performance i’ve decided to take on the challenge of juicing for Lent. I’ve roped in friends who will also be taking on this challenge with me and my Dad and other family members will be giving it a go as well. A person like me, that wavers in the area of self discipline from time to time, having the support and accountability partners is key for me to make it through a full 40 days.

So what will these 40 Days entail?

  • There will be NO MEAT
  • NO Processed Sugars
  • Natural Juices & Smoothies Only
  • Fruit Juice/ Green Juice for Breakfast
  • Protein Smoothies for lunch
  • Veggie Smoothie at night
  • Green Tea, Black Coffee and water in between smoothies/drinks

What am I hoping to accomplish??

Undoing years of poor habits and decisions is not an easy task but following the 21/90 rule (21 days to form a new habit, 90 days to form a lifestyle)  it is my intention to essentially give my body a reboot. Remove existing toxins and get my body accustomed to a new way of eating.

I’ll share regular posts on how the challenge is progressing and will be honest enough to also say IF i cheat and how my body adjusts to this new way of being. If your interested in being a part of this journey or challenge just comment or whatsapp us on (876)433-8568.



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