The Day I realized my Weight is not a limitation

I’m a big girl… I’m currently at my all time highest weight   since my 30 years here on  earth, and on my  30th birthday I realized that my weight  is not and should not be a limitation of the things I can accomplish. The funny thing is this realization came from such a simple thing.

My partner gifted me, for my birthday, with a para gliding session at the resort we were at and I was absolutely terrified!!! Am I afraid of heights? … NO … Afraid of the water? …. NOT SO MUCH (I can swim after all) … the true reason (which I hadn’t admitted until now) is I’ve always felt I was too big to take part in certain activities. I’m always looking for the weight limits on these things… because surely if I go on these things something is gonna snap/pop/crack and I’m gonna end up hurting myself physically and quite possibly emotionally as well.


Well… through much encouragement… I went ahead and I did it and to my surprise not only did I survive it I totally ENJOYED IT!!


This of course got me thinking… How else do we use our weight as a limiting factor in our lives? What is it that we fear doing because of our weight?

This one simple activity that forced me out of my comfort zone has managed to be a complete life changer for me. I now find myself in a place, mentally , where I am ready to continue pushing myself out of my comfort zone to accomplish all those goals I’ve been struggling with for one reason or another.

I share this simply to say that as plus size women, we often limit ourselves either intentionally or otherwise because of our size. There is a fear of stepping out of our shells and reaching our true potential in life and for me that fear is often the fear that my weight will overshadow my accomplishment.  Now I’m saying… whatever it is you want to accomplish, get out of your own head, make that first step out of the comfort zone and then embrace all the good things that come from realizing you had nothing to fear in the first place.


In Short:



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