The Right to Bare Arms….


It’s been a while since i’ve taken the time to share my thoughts on this blog. The pandemic and life in general took priority, just trying to stay sane really. Don’t worry though, this isn’t a blog about the pandemic and all the changes that have come with it. This article is all about our right to bare arms.

I can’t be the only one that sometimes thinks that all my fat seeps into my arms before it spreads anywhere else on my body. For as long as I could remember my biggest insecurity has been the size of my arms. For this reason I was never a fan of sleeveless items, I never wore them out and if I HAD to, I wore some form of coverup. So cardigans and pullovers were a staple for me.

There have been many cute outfits that went unworn in my closet all because they were sleeveless or strapless. This kinda thing went on well into my 20’s and to be honest on off days i still draw for a cover up now.

As I got older and when I started on my self-love and plus size empowerment journey, I started to question more and more “what am i hiding?” and why exactly was I insecure about my own body? With that I slowly started to switch things up. I ditched the cardigan and wore close fitted short sleeves, then the occasional sleeveless and then one day I was just gladly walking around in strapless clothing.

What the journey taught me is that the insecurities we have are all in our own heads. Noone is staring at us and talking about our arms, or legs or bellies, and even IF they are SO FUCKING WHAT? Life is way too short to not live it to the fullest and certainly too short to give in to the opinions of others.So I say ditch the cover ups, put on that crop top, wear those shorts, strut on the beach in that bikini…. BARE THOSE ARMS!!

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