The Right to Bare Arms

I was recently browsing through some blogs and came across one that was providing tips on how to cover up or “disguise” fat arms and it just took me back to a time when my arms were my biggest insecurity.I recalled that there was a time I was never without some form of cover up if I found myself wearing a sleeveless. I always felt like all my fat settled first in my arms and then trickled down to other parts of my body and I was very conscious of them and dare I even say ashamed of them.

We all have our insecurities whether we want to admit it or not and for plus size women like myself this is often even greater. For some reason I just always felt as though all eyes were on my fatty fat arms if I went out sleeveless. I don’t know if it was just growth with age that boosted my self confidence. It just seems like I got up one day and said F*@# it and started rocking bare arms without much care of what anyone else thought of it. 

In reality it wasn’t overnight though, it was overtime that I started asking myself a series of questions. Why am I hiding my body? What exactly am I insecure about? Does anyone really give a damn if my arms are bare or covered?  From there on I started to make bolder chances in my attire. Started rocking my sleeveless and strapless clothes because I realised that life is too short to not live it boldly in the clothes you love. 

My message really is that we need to love, appreciate and care for our bodies as they are. Any healthy changes we make to our bodies won’t happen overnight and its not worth feeling ashamed of any part of our bodies. So start today not next week not when you lose 10lbs, today, take off the jacket, the shawl or whatever you use to cover your arms or whichever part of your body you feel insecure towards. In a world where we are afforded much freedom, the greatest is the freedom to embrace ourselves as we are and to be bold in our choices. 



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